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Exquisite Hand Carving Shoushan Stone Statue Fair Share on Facebook


These exquisite artworks are carved from natural stones. The colored stones exist only in Shoushan village, in southeastern China's Fuzhou, therefore they are called "Shoushan stone".
1500 years ago, Shoushan stone was used for carving and subsequently served as a tribute. Shoushan stone is also one of the traditional Chinese "four seal stones". Many emperors employed Shoushan stone to produce the royal seal. These rocks formed from the earth’s movement more than 100 million years to 200 million years ago. The mining is difficult, and thus the stone is very rare. After years of mining, more than 100 varieties of Shoushan stone have been found, among which Tianhuang is the most precious type. People have sayings such as, "Gold is easy to get while Tianhuang difficult", "50 grams of Tianhuang equals 150 grams of gold".
Shoushan stone carving features fantastic craftsmanship, being a combination of natural beauty and artistic wisdom. After thousands of years of innovation, Shoushan stone carving blends Chinese painting and various carving techniques of folk arts and crafts. It integrates traditional poetry, calligraphy and painting, creating many fine masterpieces. The works of Shoushan stone have extensive subject matters, such as people, animals, landscapes, birds and flowers. Both ancient emperors and modern people can have close contact with it, putting it in a prominent position of the traditional Chinese jade culture.